TMSY: The End

The day was June 5th it was the best day of my life, the day that I finally was free from homework, tests, quizzes,projects,and essays. It was the last day of school and exams, it also helped that school would end at 11am. That of course, was the best start to summer to end school early on in the day. That morning I woke up with the biggest smile on my face that no one could wipe off simply because this was the end and ahead of me lied months of relaxation and freedom. I put on my uniform and had some breakfast and then made my way to school. Once I got their I started to get nervous for my first exam just memorizing the study guide frantically ( it was religion exam) I know that’s one of the easiest exams but you know you need to re memorize just to be on the safe side. An hour and a half later the 5th exam was done I just had one exam left that would start in about 30 mins. So I got out of the religion class and started heading up to my pre algebra class to meet with one of my friends and revise for the exam. Now this exam I felt more at ease because it really depends on you skills to be able to understand the problems and if you practiced then you were fine. Luckily, I was fine because I practiced the night before and my teacher was so kind to provide us a sheet with the formulas to complete the problems with. That sheet was a life saver it helps you much more because if you use the formula in the right way than you can solve the problem correctly. An hour and a half later, the moment was finally here everyone was shouting and screaming welcoming in the summer and of course throwing there review papers in the air. Once I left the class I began walking towards my car and I was in such a rush to leave school. Before I arrived at home I made a quick pit stop at the Starbucks next to my house and treated my self to a well deserved Frappucino ( it was super delicious and tasted like summer and freedom).:P Got home at 12pm and headed straight up to my room to watch some movies eat popcorn and take a nice ,long ,well needed nap. This is it I am finally done Middle School my family and I cannot believe it seemed like just yesterday I was starting middle school. Back then I had 7 years left till I was able to graduate my current school for good, but now I have 4 years left. 4 years can you believe it I can’t but hopefully the future will bring great things for me in high school and college,etc. I do have to say that with me finishing 8th grade was by far my favorite and most fun year I would like to thank all my friends and teachers for making it such a memorable and fun year.



Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Time sure flies, who knew you would be going to High School, it seems as if it was yesterday I was taking you to Kindergarten!

    • Lujain   •     Author

      True time really flies by quickly especially when your having fun

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