I’m Back a Quick Little Update

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting that much this month and I hope to post more posts I am just planning out a couple posts to post later this month. Just to let you all know that very soon my blog is going to be getting a fresh makeover so I think it maybe down for a few days but it will work again and I will have a new theme. Since currently my blog is titled “The Middle School Years”, I have decided to go ahead and change it to “The High School Years” as I begin a new chapter in my life soon heading to high school. Also just a heads up that throughout the school year I won’t be posting a lot but don’t worry I will really try my best to keep on posting. As I begin a new chapter in my life I know that once I am posting I am going to talk more about my life in high school and how it’s like for me from going to Middle School to High School. Therefore, I could help a lot of you if you are starting High School soon and are worried. Thats about it for an update on my website and the new changes that are going to be occurring very soon.

So far my summer has been going really well and it’s a really fun and relaxing time, I have spent half of my time at home relaxing and sleeping because in this heat I don’t know what to do. I also have been hanging out and visiting my family, and I have been going out to malls and restaurants during the day and evening. Recently we had Eid Al Fitr last week and it was really fun to just come together as a family and hang out and have a nice and delicious meal at my grandmother’s house. Oh I also forgot to mention that this summer I have some assignments to complete (Now I know what you all are thinking what she has homework during the summer?) but I actually have to complete the assignments to be able to stay in an Honors English class. Which is a much more advanced course than regular english and can lead me to a further path of being able to take AP English. Any who my assignment requires me to read 3 novels and complete 3 separate assignments for each book so far I finished one assignment and book. Thats a little quick update on my blog and further changes and on how my summer has been going so far. Also Thank You to all of you who read my website you may not know that I know you guys are reading but I do and I really am grateful for you guys that keep on reading my posts it’s because of you that I keep on posting. Hope you all are having a wonderful and magical summer as I am enjoy it and have fun

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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