Happy 6 year Anniversary to “Lujain Talks”!!!!

Hey Everyone,

I have some really good news for you 6 years ago today I published my first post and started my website. Can you believe it’s been exactly 6 years since I first started this blog, it really has been a long time. I honestly really enjoyed these past 6 years a lot, it’s been super fun to just post my thoughts here and have you guys read them. I am really glad that recently I have begun posting more frequently so that all of you are able to read and hear about any of my thoughts,experiences,stories,etc. In the past I know that I haven’t been the one who posts a lot but I’m hoping that this year and the coming years I will post more. It’s truly been a fun and long  journey here at “Lujain Talks” I hope you all agree and enjoy my blog as much as I do. I really do enjoy sharing things here and letting you guys know about me and what I enjoy the most. Thank You to all of the readers here who read my blog and enjoy it a lot that they keep on reading and following my posts. Just would like to let you all know that in the future and coming months I will be trying my best at updating you guys with new content so that you can enjoy and read them. Hope you guys are all enjoying my blog and love my new design as much as I do, because as I look back a lot has changed here but the changes that have been made here are all good. Once again, thanks for being apart of my blog and I really do hope that you all enjoy and continue reading. Here’s to 6 years of “Lujain Talks” and hopefully many more in the future with more posts.

Love,Miss Talks xoxoxoxo



  1. Jacqui   •  

    Congrats on the 6 years and hope many more to come!

    • Lujain   •     Author

      Aww Thanks Girl and I hope I have many more too 🙂

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