Why I started Blogging

Many of you may wonder why I started blogging in the first place, and so in this post I will be talking about that and the reasons I began “Lujain Talks”. It all started back in 2010 September, so I was exactly 8 years old and I saw that my sisters had websites and it amazed me. So I began asking my eldest sister if she could start a blog for me so that I could write posts about my life and anything. She later then agreed and began creating my blog, of course the design that I had back then was totally different than what I currently have. If my memory serves me right I remember that the background was dark blue and in the center I had a rainbow and below it said “Lujain Talks”. Once it was up and running I was super excited to begin writing and posting like my older sisters.  So really if you think about it my family members were the ones who inspired me and lead me towards this path. Back then I became known as the youngest blogger in Kuwait and many people began to applaud me for writing and encouraging  me to do more. As my eldest sister Jacqui got invited to a lot of events here supporting bloggers she decided to bring me along with her. Many people were amazed at how small and little  I was and how it was so nice to see someone so young begin blogging. I instantly fell in love with this blog and I love writing here because it is like my own journal and I am sure that it is fun for you guys as well to read along on my journeys. As time grew on many people began to know me and I got invited to some events myself and had many wonderful encounters with other people and fellow bloggers. I am truly glad that I began this website back then because I can look back at all of my memories and see how much I have grown as a writer. Again this website truly means a lot to me and I am glad that I recently have started writing more again. It’s been a struggle to try and keep up with my blog as I got older and entered Middle School but I am hopeful that since I began High School that I will continue posting frequently.I really would like to thank everyone who helped me throughout this journey and I am super thankful for those of you who are reading my blog. As well as those who have been here since I first started my blog, here’s to more memories and posts. Thank you guys for reading and I really hope you enjoyed reading why I began this blog as much as I enjoyed writing this post.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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