Life Lesson about Success

Today I wanted to share with you a lesson that I have learned throughout my life, I was taught this at a young age. When I was in 2nd grade my sister showed me how to start planning and the importance of a planner. Since then I have kept on using a planner and never stopped, and I probably talk about planning and planners a lot but it’s very important for someone to have and use. My planner has brought me a lot of success recently because it keeps me organized in a nice and neat way. Throughout the last couple of years I may have slacked off in the planning department and become lazy in the way I plan, but recently last year I got back to where I wanted to be and used my planner the whole year. Planning doesn’t always have to be forced or be boring you can make it even more fun like I did this past year. Below are some planner from Erin Condren that are really amazing and keep you well organized also make sure to go and check them out at their website . On their website they show you how to use and organize your planner so be sure to take a look.




I brought a new planner since our school decided to stop giving us agendas, and needless to say I like mine way better than the school’s one. Having a planner is a great way to keep yourself organized and also for me I find it very fun. So really I advise you to get yourself a planner so that you can keep yourself organized, especially at school when you sometimes don’t write down what’s for homework and then you forget. A planner will help you with that so you don’t ask others or guess what’s for the homework. Therefore, I believe that in order for a person to become successful they must own a planner and use one so that they can keep themselves organized.

Love,  Miss Talks


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    I enjoyed reading your post honey , i wants to see more photos please in your part 2.
    Good job girl!!
    Love you

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