My Favourite Hobby

So some of you may wonder what I enjoy doing in my free time besides writing some posts, well I am about to tell you some of my favorites. First of all, one of my hobbies is doodling, I enjoy it a lot because I get to just relax and draw some random sketches and I like to do that whilst watching TV. Another one of my hobbies is crocheting, I love to sit and just crochet a rug which is what I have been doing during the summer. One of the places where they sell this stuff is at Jarir bookstore where they offer it in a kit which is what I got for the rug. I also enjoy Traveling which is what I do sometimes throughout the year, one of my favourite places to go is New York as you all may know.I really do hope that soon once I get older I will get to travel to the places that i always wanted to visit and see. Last but not least I really enjoy cooking which is a really fun hobby to do, plus you get some food out of it. I mean who doesn’t love food I know a lot of people may not enjoy making it but I certainly do, I always think that I am on a cooking show and then start talking to a fake camera. Those are my favourite hobbies besides blogging but I have a question for you what are your favourite hobbies? I mean blogging is one of my most favourite hobbies of all time, simply because you can just sit down and write your thoughts. Any who, I hope you guys really enjoyed reading this post and learning about my hobbies.


Love, Miss Talks  xoxoxoxo

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