Favorite Sushi Restaurant Review: Katsuya

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Hows your week going so far? I hope your glad it’s the weekend cause I am super stoked and can’t wait to catch up on some extra sleep and relax. That’s if I don’t end up having a ton of homework. Well since it’s the weekend I figured that many of you may like to go out and hang out with your family’s, and have lunch in restaurant’s. So I decided to give you a highly recommended restaurant that I love, that is if you like Japanese food. Katsuya is a Japanese restaurant that is designed and created by Philippe Starck who is a world leading designer of luxury restaurants, hotel and real estate properties.

Katsuya’s Japanese Kanji symbol “Katsu” means “Victory” or “To Win” and it’s fitting considering the critics the restaurant has won over with it’s intensive combination of Japanese and Californian cuisine.Katsuya is an absolutely amazing and delicious restaurant the second you step in you will end up loving this place and will always want to come back. Actually, it wasn’t until a couple months ago that I tried this place out and completely fell in love with it. The food is really something amazing it’s indescribable, especially for me since I am a huge sushi lover. Most importantly to me Katsuya has a very open and welcoming atmosphere which to me is important to make the place you dine at give you an incredible experience. From the moment you sit down everyone is very nice and welcoming and offers you anything you may want. What I love is that they give you some hot hand towels to just clean your hands with. Afterwards they hand you your menu which needless to say has some really mouthwatering dishes on it. Servers will welcome you in by saying “IRASHAIMASE” and as you leave they will say “ARIGATO GOZAIMAS”. Katsuya currently has eight locations in LA, Las Vegas, South Beach, Kuwait, and Dubai with more coming soon around the world.

 Okay so enough of me talking about my love for sushi let’s get into the items on the menu that I ordered and enjoyed the most.

My usual order is a crispy chicken salad, edamame with sea salt, cucumber roll, shrimp tempura roll, and a braised short rib bop. First off the edamame was super tasty, and the way they cooked it is that they lightly tossed in some salt and is served to you really warm. So you know that the food is completely fresh and made for you. I love edamame and I think there really is nothing I can say to make you love this dish because well it just sells itself .


Next off we have the Crispy Chicken salad , to be honest with you guys I really loved this dish the amount of tastiness in it is indescribable. The salad is an asian salad that is mixed with rice noodles, wonton crisps and shredded chicken, served with a plum vinaigrette. The sauce was so amazing and full of taste to me mixed with the chicken that was the best part of the dish, I want the chef to know that they are doing a tremendously amazing job with all these dishes. It wasn’t until my sister had lunch with me and my dad till I noticed how good this dish was that was the first time I tried it and about the third time I had visited the restaurant.



The cucumber roll was one of my favorites loved the simplicity in the dish it was a really light and tasty roll. The roll was filled with crunchy cucumber  and sesame seed. It was a pretty delicious roll and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants a plain roll. The other roll I tried which was my favorite is the shrimp tempura roll. The shrimp tempura roll consisted of crispy shrimp tempura with cucumber and avocado. My verdict was that this roll was really amazing and had a great taste to it, and the shrimp was really lovely and a compliment to the rest of the roll.

Cucumber Roll

Cucumber Roll


Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

The next dish I tried which was really delicious the short rib bop. This dish comes to your table extremely hot in this bowl and consists of pieces of beef and rice mixed with vegetables and has a bit of spice to it. But it really was enjoyable and I would recommend it for anyone who likes to have rice with rib beef which was really delicious.

Short Rib Bop

Short Rib Bop

All in All, I really enjoyed my visit at Katsuya and would definitely go back and recommend you guys to go and check it out. I hope you all enjoyed this review about Katsuya and I hope that I helped with this recommendation, enjoy your weekend with your family and friends.

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