Important Lesson about Happiness

Throughout my life I have learned many lessons and one of them that I carry on in my life and continue to use is the importance of being happy. Happiness is a choice made by a person to love and cherish everyday and every moment of their life. Choosing to be happy and positive in your life is an amazing thing because it opens up many doors in your life. Being happy always helps you out whether its things or people who make you happy. Just remember that you can make the world a much better place by being happier and smiling. This year I made it my goal and mission to be more happy and positive and I am glad to say that I did follow through. It can be small things that could push you to be positive or continue on inspiring you towards happiness such as quotes of the day. Since Summer I have been writing out quotes of the day on my whiteboard every night for the next day and it helps me stay positive and just keeps me going throughout the whole day. You know I think of it as something being important to your life but also essential to be happy. Many times in your life you will get news or discover things that aren’t that good and you always need to see the bright side of the issue in order to keep you going. Like most recently one of my classes I haven’t been doing so well and I wasn’t feeling that happy or positive because I was having a hard time.

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But then I realized that you know life’s to short and you should be happy and positive no matter what circumstances are present. Always look on the bright side of things and make your negatives a positive. Just like how you get a rid of a number in algebra equations 2 negatives make a positive. (Wow I actually learned something and used it in my life just kidding maybe 😛 ). Any who, where was I oh yeah so you need to always be positive no matter how hard times get because in the end every thing gets better. After All every thing happens for a reason and so no matter what happens just remember that it occurred for a reason and will later lead you to more success. I learned that when I was younger and didn’t do that great in school and so I kept on trying and trying and thankfully I have been doing better since last  year. Also some of those things happen to make you a stronger person and I actually experienced that once but I will save that for another post. I ask you all to remember that we are all given this life because we are able to handle it so why don’t we choose to make a happy life than a sad life. With that I conclude, my lesson and talk on happiness always be happy and always spread joy to others. Because you never may know what that person is going through. I hope this post helped some of you and made you realize what it means to be happy and why you should do it.

P.S  never forget to smile because everyone has a beautiful smile that can make this world a more kind and better place. 🙂

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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