An experience during a hard time of my life

When I was younger and around the age of 8 and 9 I had experienced bullying twice in the fourth and fifth grade. It really was a hard time during my life and was really hard to overcome. Although a part of me now was glad I went through that because of how it shaped me to this day and made me an even stronger person. So I guess many of you may be wondering what these experiences were like. Well the first one was not that a big deal of bullying but it was an issue. What had happened is that there were these girls who were my friends and they created an  altercation with another group of girls causing their to be problems between us and me. That lead to like many issues with me and another girl. All of those people were like being mean bullying me and others. I felt like it wasn’t fair and that it was really rude what they had done to me. But I mean now that it’s over and done with I’m glad that I handled it how I did. Now the second situation was when I had a friend who was really close to me for 5 years and suddenly she decided to turn on me. It was a super hard time in my life and I had a hard time dealing with the issues she had caused for me. So basically she was talking bad about me behind my back and betrayed me and my trust. She also made up rumors about me that made me really sad and disappointed. It made feel like every one of my friends had turned on me because of what she had said to them. What she did really hurt me and effected me deeply in how I trust people. But it also gave and taught me an important lesson in my life about how you can never trust anyone but yourself and your family. All I am trying to say is that in life not everyone you know may be trustworthy but when you find someone who is you should be glad and grateful to have found them. As well as never rely on anyone too much because one day that someone will stop helping you out. Always rely on yourself and help yourself out don’t wait for anyone to help you or do anything. Sometimes in life we are put through hard obstacles not to hurt us but to see if we can survive them and the life that we were given. Which is whats important to know when going through hard times because in the end it will always get better just remember that. So All I really wanted to say is that no matter what you go through things will get better and you will actually be glad because m the experiences that you have gone through will help you throughout your life. After all, everything happens for a reason and things will be better in the end.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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