My fourteenth birthday

Hey guys, I know it’s a bit late to post about my fourteenth birthday since it happened in February but I mean it’s never too late to post about it. Next time I will post on my actual birthday instead of posting 9 months later :P. Oh well at least I am writing it now and you will be able to know about the day that I turned fourteen. My birthday happened on the 5th of February and it was on a Saturday but the day before I wanted to spend it with my sisters and a family friend so we all went out and had some fun. We started the day off by having some lunch in 360 mall and we had a blast talking and we really enjoyed the food. Afterwards, we headed towards the bowling place and decided to play a game with 10 rounds. Sadly I didn’t end up winning but I came in 3rd place (insert laughing emoji) oh well but it was a blast. It was a really fun game and was filled with laughter and joy.

Before the celebrations had begun

Before the celebrations had begun

Once the game of bowling was over we all had went down to the frozen yogurt shop. At the shop we had got some yogurt and then we had a relaxing and fun time eating yogurt and talking even more. It was a really relaxing and laid back day perfect enough to help kick off the birthday celebrations.The day after was my actual birthday and it was on a Saturday the day I always spend by heading over to my grandmother’s house and having family lunch. So I spent the day by having some lunch and cake and getting money as my birthday gifts. It was a blast and was fun hanging out with my cousins and family. Any who, that about sums up my birthday celebrations and I know it was a very short post but I really didn’t do that much but it was a really fun time and I really enjoyed it. Thank You all for reading this post and I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my birthday celebrations.

P.S I have got a birthday coming up in 2 or 3 months on February 5th so that’s just a reminder for you all and don’t worry the week of my birthday I will make sure that I post about it then and not later.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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