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Hey everyone how’s your weekend going so far? Well mine is great and I’m just loving this weather were having how about you? But with this cold weather comes a result of dry skin and if your skin is already dry you have to start hydrating it so that it doesn’t become overly dehydrated. Throughout this year I have been developing a Skincare Routine that helps a lot with my skin especially since I am one who is prone to dry skin. So I normally use my skin care products with my morning and night routine but I follow through with the night routine more that the morning. I mean whose gonna wake up early in the morning and put on moisturizer and what not, but you still should because its important but don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t use the products during the morning. For the past couple of months I have been using this skin care brand called Simple and it is such a natural brand that I love using. The products that I love the most are the moisturizing facial wash, and the foaming facial cleanser. They both are really good and they both are easy to use and are really quick and fast to use and clean your face. The foaming one is actually really fun to use and is effective being applied by both your hands and a cleansing device( which I have written about before).

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Another must have product is the soap and glory Facetime box and it has some really amazing products that are really great for your skin. The box includes so Face wipes that don’t have any harsh chemicals in them. There also is a “puffy eye attack” mini jar which contains a “turbo hydra gel booster” for your under eyes and is seriously the best under eye cream I ever used. It’s perfect for getting rid of puffy eyes and the bags under your eyes. In the box also is a lip balm called “smooch operator” and I seriously love the lip balm it’s so nice and feels really moisturizing on your lips without drying them out. It’s also one of the best lip balms that I have ever used and it also has a really nice glossy finish to it. The last item in the box is a translucent spf moisturizer called “Feel Good Factor” it is a really light moisturizer that is nice to use but I personally found other moisturizers that I loved more over this one but this is really good if you spend a lot of time out in the sun and need a lightweight moisturizer.



Puffy Eye Attack™

Smooch Operator™


An essential product for me during winter or anytime really to protect my skin is moisturizers and I will talk about a couple that I love and use frequently. I tried the Lush moisturizer called “Imperials” and it was a really nice moisturizer because of the amount of hydration it offered to my skin. The great thing about the moisturizer is that it’s for combination skin and it’s perfect for anyone if they are confused or unsure whether they have dry or oily skin. I also have recently purchased a hydration serum by Thalgo here in Kuwait and while it was a bit pricey it really works in hydrating your skin and clears up any spots you have. It was called “Absolute Rehydrating Serum” and I am currently using it as my moisturizer so that I could be able to see if it made a difference to my skin and it really has. I have been using it for a month and I am really glad that I chose to try it out because it really offers extra hydration for my skin cause I have really dry skin this is perfect. It can also be used on a morning and nightly basis.

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So there you guys have it these are the products that I love to use daily that help keep my skin the way it is and make it even better. Giving you a nice and natural glow while hydrating and clearing up your skin. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you check out some of these skin care products if you’re not sure what to use or if you’re looking for an alternative to your current skin care products. As always have a nice day and enjoy your weekend.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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