Happy Late New Year!!!

Hey Guys, Happy New Years. Can you believe that it’s already 2017 well I can. I am really glad that 2016 is over so that everyone can have a fresh start. Speaking of New Years I’m sorry this post is late but it was because I spent my New Year in NYC. What a wonderful way it was to ring in the new year, the city was beautiful even more this time of the year. Speaking of NYC I forgot to tell you guys that’s where I went to during winter break this year. Don’t worry though new posts will be coming up soon I promise you guys. Sorry that I didn’t post a lot during December but it was because I had caught a really bad flu that then turned into a virus. Which was the absolute worst and lead me to missing about three days of school, which I mean was nice but if i weren’t sick it would have been better.


So I literally was sick for a whole week and by the end of that week I had to hop on a plane to NYC which was really hard to do because I was extremely sick but thankfully I managed it. I just wanted to update you guys and let you know the next two weeks there wont be any posts due to my midterms( ugh I know I hate them too):p. But after I take them I assure you that I will be going back to my normal posting schedule and adding a couple more posts here and there. I hope you guys all enjoyed this update post and can’t wait to begin posting more this year. Here’s to more blog post’s, Thanks for reading everyone.


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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