Midterms Finally Over

Hey everybody,

How’s it going? Good I hope. Well for me it’s been pretty great and crazy at the same time. I have just finished taking my midterms yesterday which were really stressful and required a lot of studying. So that’s why I’m kind of tired and exhausted because I just took some really hard exams. But don’t fear I am back to blogging and will continue my normal schedule once February begins and you will have a whole lot of posts. I missed blogging and talking to you guys I hope you felt the same way, I’m glad that I have more time now to continue blogging and creating new content for you all to read regularly. Also on another note you guys will be getting a birthday post soon on my actual birthday Feb 5. I’m sure you all already have it marked on your calendar (just kidding).

Any who, I’m thinking that most of you were thinking about my midterms and how they were well some were pretty easy and some were really complex. But I’m just glad to have them over and that I have tried my hardest in studying for them. But now today marks the day that my first semester in ninth grade is over and I can’t wait to start off on a clean and fresh slate for the second semester. Let’s hope things get much easier this semester but they may not who know I will just have to wait and see. Thank you all, for reading my post and I hope your glad I am back to posting as much as I am.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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