Places I want to Travel in the Future

As the year has just begun I thought that it would be a great idea to discuss some things about the future and in specific the places that I want to visit in the upcoming years. Not this year though I’m taking a bit of a travel break so I could plan out where I would want to go for vacation. I have always been  the type of person who loves places with such wonderful sights and views such as tropical places. A couple of places that I want to travel to discover the country’s may include: Greece, Hawaii, Milan, California, and the Bahamas. Since my last couple of vacations have mainly been to New York and Orlando I think it would be a great idea for my next trip to be more of an adventurous trip then a trip solely based on shopping. One thing that I love the most about the tropical islands is the beauty of nature and the island. I love when I can see how beautiful the sunset’s are in those tropical islands that  showcase nature’s beauty.

Places like Greece and Hawaii are more of those types of places that I was talking about that really have beautiful views. Those places are really nice to go and see so that you are able to explore the country’s culture and traditions and witness all of the country. I want to know what places do you all want to visit in the future and why? I said that I liked the tropical islands the most because those kinds of trips are meant for more adventure than shopping which is fun to do but it’s more fun to experience things you haven’t experienced in your life before. I know this was a short post but I will be back on Thursday with another post that may be a bit longer with different content that may interest you all.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo


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