My Fifteenth Birthday

The Day was February 5th,2017 with the clock being at 12:00 am when I turned 15. My morning began with the sound of my alarm ringing as loud as it could at 5:10 am and it being a Sunday you all may know the drill. In a short summary it was get up go to the bathroom, brush teeth, and get dressed. Surprisingly I managed to accomplish that in 15 minutes which is great for me. After getting dressed I put my hair up in a high ponytail and then put on my 2 jackets. Side note: Have you all noticed how it has gotten much colder here in Kuwait well I have and it sure is starting to take a toll on me, but hey at least it’s not really hot. Any who, back to where I was aah I remember heading down the stairs when it was about 5:30am to the kitchen. Surprisingly I was in a really happy and upbeat mood compared to all the other days of the week where I practically have to drag myself out of bed. So it felt good to feel good if that makes any sense. After having my breakfast nothing special just the same old meal. I put on my bag and headed to the car where I went to school at around 6am. After a 30 minute drive to school I finally arrived and couldn’t wait to see my friends. Upon arrival I started heading up the stairs of the school heading towards the bench in which I usually sit in. As I got to the last step I saw some of my friends at the bench waiting to wish me a happy birthday. Many more began arriving afterwards and they all had given me kind wishes for my birthday which was very sweet and kind. Some of them even got me gifts which was really sweet of them. As the rest of the day went on I continued with a normal day but I had a different mindset and was a bit more goofy in some classes but who isn’t and who was to say that I’m not like that at times even when it is not my birthday.

My Birthday Cake

After the School day had ended I proceeded to go home and had my lunch and did my homework. But this time at 5:00 on the dot my mother had insisted that our whole family be together for a surprise. Which believe it or not turned out to be endless videos of me from my old I mac singing to the camera on photo booth with other very embarrassing moments. To me it was very sweet and funny but also cringe worthy. But I really did appreciate it Thanks Mommy love you❤❤. Although some of you may wonder what I did the weekend of my birthday and it actually was a really fun and relaxing weekend. I spent most of it with my family and one day we went to the avenues to have lunch and then my parents brought me some really nice stuff from Lush and Bath and Body Works which was amazing and I loved that a lot. The day after I had went to my grandmas house for our usual Saturday lunches and celebrated my birthday with my cousins and relatives.All in all, I would like to say that it was a pretty successful birthday filled with love, family, joy, and laughter, Thank You All for reading my post hope you enjoyed it 😃😃.

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  1. Jacqui   •  

    Happy Birthday Little Monkey it sure was a special day, hope this year is great and you get all your wishes!

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