Life Lesson: You need to be your own best friend

Good Afternoon Everyone,

How are you all doing? Great I hope cause that’s how I’m currently feeling. Well remember when I recently wrote a blog post about a life lesson. I thought it might be a great idea to keep on creating similar posts to that so that you all can benefit from what I have learned throughout my life till this day. So continuing on my Life Lessons today’s lesson will be about learning to become your own best friend. I know some of you may think that being your own best friend is sad and like going to make you become a loner. But the truth is that it won’t make you become a loner. It doesn’t mean that your really lonely you can still have best friends those who are closest to you. In fact I do the same thing I have 2 really close friends and I hang out with them a lot but also I am my own best friend aside from my actual best friends. Think about it when you are your own friend you know that you can never do anything to hurt your own feelings or break your trust. Because you will never be able to let yourself down.One thing I have learned throughout this life is that you will only be there for yourself, whether you are sick or feeling down or annoyed at anything. You will always be there to help yourself out, because you need to know one thing and that is to help yourself out. Nobody will help you but you I know you may have family and friends but you will know what’s best for you and what you need to do. Aside from yourself, your family are also important people who can help you out during the tough times but when they can’t be there for you have to be there for yourself. Think about it when your off to college or are living abroad and you’re alone you will be the only person there to help you out. That’s what need to understand because it is the truth. It’s not a bad thing to be your own best friend in fact it is a great thing because you can yourself what ever you want to be or feel. I always enjoy being my own friend because I always do things that make me feel happy. Like you can always have some time alone for yourself for example I love taking baths and reading books and when I do that I always enjoy it and being around myself. Because you are always the one in control of yourself and can even change your moods. When I’m around myself I always can make myself feel positive and try to make myself more better. With people sometimes they bring negative energy around you which isn’t the best thing to be surrounded by. But with yourself you can always be surrounded by positivity, so I advise you readers reading right now to go ahead and at least try for a day to be your own best friend. Then see how that feels and if it changes your life for the positive. You can still do that and have friends it doesn’t mean that you have to isolate yourself from everybody cause you shouldn’t unless you like to. Bottom is that you will always be there for yourself and you are the best friend for yourself.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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