Thought of the Day: “We see what We Want”

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while but it has been a busy couple of weeks, March was a very busy month in school and it didn’t allow me much of free time to be able to post something up here. But don’t fear I will make up for all those lost posts that I should have posted the last 3 Thursdays. Any who back to my current ideas and thoughts,  I thought that it would be a good idea to come up with Thoughts of the day and write what I feel about those thoughts. I feel like this is a great idea because I could just discuss what I think and allow you guys all to experience my thoughts with me. A couple of days ago I was sitting in my room listening to some music and I was just relaxing while I glanced over at my motivation board and saw the words “We see what We Want” immediately thoughts began to enter my mind about how I felt about that phrase.

I believe that one of the true messages that were meant to be portrayed by this phrase is that in life we as humans always have a way of seeing what we want to see not what we need to see. That is a big issue because no one can go through life seeing what they only want to see they need to come out of their small bubble and see what really is going on. They need to see what life is really like because to many that many be all happy and cheerful but to others it may not be at all in fact it may be the exact opposite. On another hand, this phrase may mean a variety of things an example is that we may see things that we want to have. Not what we need to have or what we already currently have but we want to have. We always envision things that we may want but don’t need, instead we must do the exact opposite and envision what we need to what we want. Therefore, I believe that all of us shouldn’t look at life through the way that we want to see life as instead the way we need to see it. Thats all folks for my thought of the day I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my thoughts and that they provided you a beneficial lesson in some way.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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