Poetry Friday’s

Whats up Everyone? Can you believe its Friday well I can’t and I sure am glad that it is Friday because I need the weekend. I can’t wait to go out and relax and take a break from waking up early in the morning to head on to school. But the weekend is finally here and for that I am grateful. On another note guess what? Today is Poetry Fridays!!!!! Yay can’t wait to show you what I have this time. I have decided to give you 3 poems in the forms of Haiku’s. A little interesting information for you to know about Haiku’s is that they have a 5,7,5 rhyme scheme. They only consist of three lines, so you can how amazing and challenging it was to write them. Despite the short length of the poem’s a lot of creativity goes into them because of the 5,7,5 syllable count/rhyme scheme.  So I hope you enjoy these poems and I hope that you are able to get inspiration and write a couple of poems yourself.

Here you go:

“Spring Nights”

It’s Pretty tonight

In the midst of spring, dark nights

Filled with heat and cold


“Darkness Lies”

Darkness hides tonight

As she lies in the dark night

Dark Nights here tonight


“Ocean Waves”

Ocean breeze like trees

Salt in the air on her hair

The beauty despairs


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo


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