What makes me Happy?!

Being Happy is simply the best feeling in the world and it just brings in so much positivity and light in my day. For me being happy is when I am surrounded with people I love and am the most comfortable with. I am the happiest when I just think about the rain or when I sit in my bath tub and take relaxing baths. I am the happiest when I am more positive and I just love that. What else makes me happy you may ask? Well I am gonna list a couple more things that make me absolutely happy.

  • Reading a Good Book
  • Painting
  • Enjoying a Cup of Tea
  • Sitting in my cozy bed
  • Lighting a couple of good candles
  • Hanging out with my friends
  • Watching Movies
  • Writing

Those things I just mentioned are just a couple of things that make me happy and I have so much more and could go on and on and on forever. I want to know what makes you happy and if you would like to let me know you could leave a question in the comment section and I would be happy to find out what makes you happy.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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