Writing Prompt :

Prompt: Did you know that “if” is the middle word of life? Write about what that means to you?

Life is a direct representation of our days and what occurred in those days. If someone were to ask me how my day was I would just respond with life. What does the word life even mean? I guess the meaning behind it is what you do every day. The middle word of life is “if” and I guess it makes sense in a way. Because life is full of endless possibilities and uncertainties. Each day you wake up and you wonder what is going to happen next. You would then proceed to construct a plan about your day by laying it all out bit by bit and step by step. The word “If” is always used to help foreshadow what will occur next. So when you say if I go here in 10 mins then I will save 10 mins of my time. It shows how you obviously don’t know what will happen to you next or what is to come. In life, you can never be sure of what will happen next. It is always an “if” possibility because there are endless things that could happen next. Some people go throughout life with that exact word set into their mind “If”. But to me, I try not to revolve my life around it that much even though it can be pretty hard not to do so. The word “if” really lets your mind roam around and explore multiple scenarios of your life. It allows your mind to run free and do whatever you please. Which is where your imagination and creativity kick in. Which allows you to realize that there is no limit to your imagination and creativity and that you are the one in charge of controlling it. Life is being able to do what you want and being free to make choices you want to make. It’s your life so you get to decide what you want and “if” is just a word that obtains endless possibilities that your life could be like and you are the person who decides that.


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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