Lujain Paints

So I recently got into painting over the winter break in December and I since have become obsessed with painting. It has been so much fun creating art and frankly I can’t wait to create even more paintings. I am so happy I decided to just sit and paint in my winter break during December. It has been beyond exciting and I can tell because in 2 weeks I went through 5 cans of 1 litre paint. I now am waiting for my father to get back from his travels to go and stock up on more paint. When I do stock up boy oh boy will that be crazy fun. On the first day of my winter break I created around 12 to 14 paintings. I was having a lot of fun and this has become one of my hobbies. I love to paint when I have been stressed for a while especially because of school work. So this has been a perfect fix for that and allows me to get creative within the process.

Speaking of Lujain Paints I created an instagram account for my new business and have begun selling my paintings on there. So if your reading this and want to give me a follow on my instagram go ahead. My account is lujainpaints. Check out my insta page if you wanna purchase any paintings. I will only be conducting sales inside of Kuwait as I am a small business and only am local to Kuwait.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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