Hair cut

Hi everybody so yesterday I got a haircut well cause I needed it anyways my hair before  I  cut it was up to my waist and well it was pretty  long but I went to this saloon called the cutting edge the location was near international optiques or near auk.

So the lady who always cuts my hair in the cutting edge is nadine she cut my hair very nicely. So here is how it first started I arrived at the saloon 5:32  and then this lady who washes your called jacqui name then I went and the lady started to rinse my hair with water and then add shampoo and started talking about my hair .  Then after adding shampoo she rinsed my hair again and started to add conditioner and rinse my hair again. Then The lady put a towel on my hair and I went to sit down and then nadine added something to my hair I forgot what it was called but it sure made my hair smell pretty  then nadine started to cut my hair and the end result was perfect then she just blowdried   it quick . So after that I left I would recommend nadine for you as your hair cutter so good bye and enjoy this post .