Book Review: Where You’ll Find Me By: Natasha Friend

Good Evening Everyone,

I thought that for this post that I would review a book that I really enjoyed reading, and I mean I really loved it to the point that I couldn’t stop reading it. There are very few books that make me feel that way and keep me hooked so when I find one that I really like I feel like I should share it  with you guys and review it. First of all, this book is mainly about the main character Anna Collette who is 13 years old and is trying to find herself and figure out who she is. What I loved most about this book is that there isn’t one dull moment and what I mean by that is that there are many obstacles and things happening. This book is very well written and once you start reading it you can’t stop,which is what I love about it. The author did such a good job by keeping the readers hooked. This book can be very easy to relate to for some people in some parts of the story which I find that it is a good thing for a writer to have. So that when they write their stories there able to share their experiences with others. So that the others are able to relate to the author and know that what has happened to them has happened to others and that there not alone.

The book starts off with Anna dealing with her parents who have become divorced and how her mother has gotten very sick. On top of that she is beginning to lose some of her friends and she is not happy about that. Throughout the story, you will find her constantly dealing with these issues and trying to figure out a way to know who she is and to try to deal with all this change that is currently happening in her life. All I can say is that the way that this book  was written is purely amazing and that I was able to finish this book in a small amount of time (that’s how good the book was where it kept me hooked the entire time). So if you guys want a book that is interesting and won’t make you lose interest I suggest that you start reading this one. I would say that this book would target audiences from 14 and above so mainly teenagers like me. I highly recommend this book and that’s all I can say without spoiling it for you guys, hope you enjoyed reading this short review.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Book Review: Stick Dog by Tom Watson

The main idea of this book is about  when Stick Dog and his 4 friends Poo Poo, Karen, Stripes, and Mutt go out to try and find out how to steal hamburgers from the humans.

The author states in this book that teamwork is very important and to listen to one and another. For example, when Karen was lost stripes,mutt, and stick dog came up with a plan and thought of places where Karen would be. This means that even though that they wanted hamburgers they decided that Karen was more important than hamburgers so they headed out and started searching for her.

The author also states that it takes a lot of effort and teamwork to have a successful plan. Over all the importance of this book is about how teamwork and helping one and another leads to a successful plan.

P.S: This book is a must have for Diary of a Wimpy Kid lovers , and Big Nate, etc.

Book Review : ‘The Middle School Years’

Dear Blog – airy,

So Lately I have been reading a book called “The Middle School Years: Get Me Out of Here” by James Patterson.  In this book which I am currently reading there is this boy named Rafe, he is the  main character who is a 6th Grader. He just moved from a village where people loved him and he was so popular.  In the next minute Rafe was in the car driving to live in a new city with his Grandmother, Mother, and Sister. Rafe was later enrolled in a new school which he hated as soon as he entered because everyone was being mean to Rafe. They laughed, teased, and talked behind his back.

This reminds me of  last year when I was in Grade 5 how two girls used to bully me and tease me, laugh at me, and talk behind my back. Then my friends back stabbed me and joined the bullying. But in the end  my real friends and I back stabbed the bullies and they were feeling the pain of the mighty Lujain Talks and not to mess with her.

Three things I learned from my past are not to talk back to bullies,  be strong, and face the bullies.I enjoyed reading this book and will be continuing as I head to bed.Hope you Blog- airy have a nice holiday and a GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!!

xo xo,

Miss Talks (aka Lujain Talks)

Book Review: Judy Moody Predicts the Future

Book title:  Judy Moody Predicts the Future

Book Author:  Megan McDonald

What kind of book : Fiction

What is it about:  The book is a about a young girl called Judy moody  after going through 7 bowls of cereal she finds the mystery prize and the prize is a mood ring which judy predicts the future with a mood ring .

What I  thought :

  1. What did you think about the book ?  Well I thought that the book was funny and I liked the part were judy shouted at stink for doing nothing just to turn her mood ring from black to something else.
  2. How was the book compared to the other books by the same author? Well  the other books were different and creative and this one talks about different things I would really love to reread this book .
  3. What was the major theme of the book ? How judy Moody was in a bad mood  and wanted to change into a better mood but their was something that made her mad but she didn’t know what .
  4. Do you recommend this book? Why? Yes infact I do recommend this book because it teaches people about Judy moody who is a girl and tries to predict the future.


Book Review: How Greg Hefley went to Hollywood

Hi everybody now every single tuesday I will  have  a book review  and my book review  today will be about diary of a wimpy kid .

I will be telling you a short summary of how greg heffley went to hollywood . Did you know that Zack Gordon played the  role of greg heffley in the movie also  Robert Caperon  played the role of Rowley Jefferson . I have question well not really a question  did you know that I myself read about 6 of the diary of a wimpy kid books .

I would really like to meet the author of the diary of wimpy kid books . Why you ask? Well its because  the  book want’s me to read more and more of the book and I feel like the diary of a wimpy kid is me writing in the diary . I got the diary of a wimpy kid during april 11 , 2012 and well by that time, I was reading book 2 and then I read 3,4,5,6. I  kept on holding that precious book and  I really really loved I just couldn’t put the book down .

Anyways did you know that  in november 2012 they will release diary of a wimpy kid book 7 see you later aligator.