What I Did Last Saturday

Today (Saturday Dec 24) I went to my grandma’s house  with my sisters @jacqui  @danuoon  and my other sister and my dad .

First,  I went with my dad  in his car  to my grandma’s house at 12:05pm  we arrived around 12:11pm there. I went inside said hi to my grandma, uncles , auntie, and my baby cousin lulwa. Me and lulwa went  inside the play room to play  and  then we went walking around the  living room  together. Suddenly her mom  wanted  her  to come up stairs to change her clothes and so I took her up stairs by myself. Next,  I knocked the door then we entered inside the room  I said hi to her mom. Then me and lulwa sat down on the couch and ate biscuits. Afterwards, her mom took her to change her clothes and  I  waited  for her in the living room. After awhile I asked lulwa if she wants to go down she said yes so I took her by the stairs and when I got down I saw my sisters outside in the garden  and I said hi to them and lulwa gave them hugs. Next I asked lulwa are you hungry? She said yes so I told lulwa’s dad and he said take her up to her mother then I asked my sister she said okay. So I took her up again and her mom was on her way  to come  down with her brother Salman  and her nanny. So I told her mother Lulwa is hungry she said okay I will bring her a plate of food. Then me and lulwa went in the elevator with her mom and baby brother Salman. So  I went down and it was time to have lunch  which was  a christmas  lunch  all together as a family  and lunch was turkey and many more things you will see in the pictures taken on  Dec 24,2011 . Thanks jacqui for the pics and being the best sister in the world!

VIVA ‘s Fun Ghabga

Hi me and my sister jacqui  were invited to VIVA ghabga  on  Thursday  Aug 11 2011  it  took place at marina hotel .


We arrived at  9:45  gave our car to the vallet and headed down stairs to the restaurant where the ghabga was taking place .   First when we entered  they gave us a ticket  and then we sat down oh did I  forget to mention Swera  from crazy yet wise was with us .  We sat at a table with other bloggers  like  7ajidude , pinkgirl q8, danderma, ansam, and of course swera.

Once we sat down they started talking  and put slide show of all the blogs except mine .  Then they interviewed other people and bloggers like  Hikuwait and Omarker.

Then I got up on stage with Mic Embalt3  he interviewed me and then  they had many games with prizes of  motorola xoom and a white iphone 4 which wanted for myself but i didnt win it .   I then made 3 draws for the  big  prize which  was Manchester United 2 tickets for october .

Then we had dinner  I  ate sea food which was delicious by the way .

We left with a bag  in it  was android and some candy .


Thank  you   VIVA  for the invitation and   thank you   7ajidude for videotaping   my parts.   Check   them out   below.



My interview

The draw

Zain invited me to their Ghabga

Hi on tuesday  August 9 ,2011 me and my sister jacqui  were invited to  Zain ‘ s  ghabga .  We were told we can  bring guests  so   jacqui and I chose to bring  our sister and aunt.  But as we were  getting ready  they canceled  on us .

So jacqui  and I went   by  ourselves  to the ghabga  we  arrived  around  10 at  bait  al  sadu .

Once we arrived  a guy came and toke our car because it was valet  parking   and  so we went in  we found a place to sit so  a lady came  and  asked  us do you want juice there were  2  strawberry juice ‘ s   .    Jacqui  and I  took strawberry jucie  after words  I grabed ny business card s  and went to socialize like hand out business card’s .  I met  the lovely Swera from crazy yet wise,  Moody   from  Moody n   Cheeky blog,  Omarker,  Ansam,  noon,  and many more bloggers   .

Then  we headed   down to the buffet and I put food on  the plate and  left with a bag  .

Thank   you  Mohammed  for the invitation .  And thank   you  crazy    yet  wise  and moody for   letting me   borrow your pictures . And   best    of all thank  you Zain for my HTC   Sensation  which my daddy stole from me .