My 16th Birthday

Hey There Everyone,

Well I know that my birthday was almost a month ago on the 5th of February but again life got in the way of me posting again but here is my post now, better late than never you know. Since I turned 16 life has pretty much been the same and I really did enjoy my birthday. Every year I send my birthday with those closest to me my family and my friends whom I saw at school on the day of my birthday. It was a great day and I just felt really happy being surrounded by love and joy. Turning 16 seemed so surreal I realized that time is flying by way too fast and in 4 years I am going to turn 20. Wow man, it’s making me feel like I am growing up way too fast. But I sure can’t wait for all the adventures that are going to be in store for me in the future. My birthday is always a day that I love and cherish so much it brings me so much joy and happiness to be surrounded by love and laughter. I sure did enjoy that day and I can say it sure does feel great to be 16 years old now only 2 more years till I can get my drivers licence here in Kuwait and be considered an adult. Life sure is great at the moment and I hope it continues to be. I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy your life.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Writing Session’s with Jane: “Write about an ideal night”

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well this fine evening, for today’s post I have chosen to write about a prompt and show you all my creative side. I feel like I need to post more on here so this post about the prompt is gonna do.

Prompt: Write about an ideal night?

She was walking down the stairs out onto the balcony for fresh air. As the sun was setting she felt a breeze brush up on her skin. She smiled and grinned as she waited for the sun’s light to dim. Amethyst was a girl of beauty and glory in all her charm, she was unique and enjoyed being so throughout her life. She had brown hair and blue eyes and skin that was flawless and without imperfections. She had just gotten back from a tiresome shift at her job, you see Amethyst was a surgeon at the local hospital in Woodbury. So once she got back home she headed right up to her room to relax and unwind from a long day. After she viewed the stunning sunset she went back up and decided to treat herself for such a long day at work. She love’s Lush and anything lavender-scented, as well as candles. But who can blame her? Those are such good products and obsessions to have. So She went on up to her bathroom and pressed play on her radio. She turned on the bath water and picked out some bathing goodies she purchased a while ago. She put her favorite bath bomb in the water and picked out a scrub and some fun products to use. Amethyst entered in the bath and immediately felt relaxed as she sat there and unwind from a long tiresome day. She grabbed a book and started to read to continue this relaxing night. An hour later Amethyst got out of the bath and started to get ready for bed. As she dressed up in her pajamas she untied her hair and let her brown locks loose and climbed up into bed. She disconnected herself from the world in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Amethyst loved when the nights were so relaxing that allowed her to unwind for the night. As opposed to the other night when she was more hectic and busy. Ah she just simply adored the beauty of the night inside her fairy colored window lights. It was a blissful night so beautiful and so quiet. Almost to good to be true and so it was true, she had realized that it was one of the most relaxing nights ever and that it was wonderful to be able to experience this beauty of the night. Where everything was shining in the darkness and light. Ah the beauty of the night so wonderful and filled with delight.

Thanks For Reading my story guys hope you enjoyed it.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Happy New Year

Happy New Years Everyone,

Well Happy belated New Year. I know this post is 11 days left but I mean I was a bit preoccupied you know but hey at least I am getting to this post right now. A personal best this is but I mean what a great start to the new year. I rang in the new year in New York City as I always do and always have done since 2014 and a great tradition it is. I love being in another part of the world and celebrating the New Year it always feels so amazing. I just wanted to start off this new year with a post and encourage you all to have the best year ever and to be the very best version of you. 2018 should be the year we make no excuses and the year where we do what we want and not what everyone else wants. Please yourself and always make yourself happy. Peace out guys have a great weekend.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Happy December!!!

Can you all believe it is December!!!! I surely can’t, I’m super excited for this holiday season its going to be a blast. It’s almost time for my winter break from school and I really can’t wait. I’m counting down the days, hours ,minutes, and seconds as we speak. It’s crazy to think how it feels like just yesterday was January and we just finished celebrating New Years. Now we have less than a month to welcome in the New Year. I can’t wait I am excited to welcome the new year and see what 2018 brings. Another reason why I am super excited for my Winter Break is because it is time for my annual christmas trip to NYC and Orlando. Let the festiveness begin as we await for the winter break.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

I Created a Lush Account!!!

Hey Everyone,

How are you all doing this fine day? I am doing great and so happy that it is finally the weekend!!! Yay!! So I wanted to tell you all something that I did. So a couple of weeks ago I created a Lush account because I have become overly obsessed with them that I decided why not? Many people whose videos I watched and accounts I have followed inspired me to start-up my own account. I wanted to create it because I have such a passion for lush that I wanted to share it all with you guys. Even though many people haven’t seen it, I made the account for myself because I found it interesting. I wanted to let you all know that my account name is @alushdream and that if you would like to you could follow me or just casually scroll by my pictures as many people would do. So that’s it for today’s blog post I just wanted to share with you all a little something that I thought was interesting to me and that maybe you would like and enjoy.

P.S later on I will have a couple of blog posts up regarding my lush favorites and the collection I have but I would expect some of them to be up by the end of next month or the beginning of next year.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Poetry Friday’s

Whats up Everyone? Can you believe its Friday well I can’t and I sure am glad that it is Friday because I need the weekend. I can’t wait to go out and relax and take a break from waking up early in the morning to head on to school. But the weekend is finally here and for that I am grateful. On another note guess what? Today is Poetry Fridays!!!!! Yay can’t wait to show you what I have this time. I have decided to give you 3 poems in the forms of Haiku’s. A little interesting information for you to know about Haiku’s is that they have a 5,7,5 rhyme scheme. They only consist of three lines, so you can how amazing and challenging it was to write them. Despite the short length of the poem’s a lot of creativity goes into them because of the 5,7,5 syllable count/rhyme scheme.  So I hope you enjoy these poems and I hope that you are able to get inspiration and write a couple of poems yourself.

Here you go:

“Spring Nights”

It’s Pretty tonight

In the midst of spring, dark nights

Filled with heat and cold


“Darkness Lies”

Darkness hides tonight

As she lies in the dark night

Dark Nights here tonight


“Ocean Waves”

Ocean breeze like trees

Salt in the air on her hair

The beauty despairs


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo