[ Al Zeebel] : by young talented Sarah Al thekair

Hello everybody a few days ago Sarah al thekair has contacted me about her new project on Al Zeebel  which is basiclly a girge’an  gift basket which is pretty cool for a 17 year old girl I will tell you more about in a few with lots and lots of information .


I’m a 17 year old girl that loves our culture and traditions! To make girge’an more exciting I’ve created a non profit business that sells ‘الزبيل’  in different sizes! All profits goes to charity!  I’d love to send you pictures so you could spread the word about my project!

Thank you so much,

Sarah H. Al Thekair

Now I will give you a description what she said but in my own words so  This girl named Sarah H . Al Thekair  who is a 17 year old girl who happened to make Al zeebel  . Which is a non profit business that sells الزبيل’ that comes in different sizes and all the profits go to charity which is nice  . So now I will leave you with the pictures bye bye enjoy this post .

Be sure to contact her on the following channels.

SMS Only: 97725732

Instagram: @Alzebeel

How to make a strawberry smoothie

Hey everybody Today I  will tell you  about how to make a strawberry smoothie . So let’s start by going to sultan center and  grab frozen strawberries  or mangoes this recipe can work for both then grab milk . After that you should grab lemon and vanilla sugar and last but not least yogurt  . Now lets get started get your blender out  pour 1 cup of milk , 1 packet of strawberries or mangoes  , half a lemon squeezed ,1 cup of yogurt   , 1 t  spoon of vanilla sugar .  Now you turn on the blender and after that you have a strawberry smoothie or mango I tasted both and they were so delicious . So enjoy it and try it please and now i will show you pics .                         

Diet Care Gift Basket

So at 10:00 in the morning I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and then I came down and I saw 2 gift baskets and 1 was for me and the other was for jacqui .

IMG 1293

So I had breakfast after I finished my breakfast I opened my gift basket from diet care there about  8 sandwiches 2 puddings 1 strawberry the other one is vanilla and under them is granola i think. Also in the gift basket the last thing that I forgot to tell you that there is a piece of dark chocolate cake and the design is the kuwaiti flag .Thats what i was so shocked about so enjoy your day .

IMG 1296

IMG 1292


Thank you Dareen & Diet Care.

What I Did Last Saturday

Today (Saturday Dec 24) I went to my grandma’s house  with my sisters @jacqui  @danuoon  and my other sister and my dad .

First,  I went with my dad  in his car  to my grandma’s house at 12:05pm  we arrived around 12:11pm there. I went inside said hi to my grandma, uncles , auntie, and my baby cousin lulwa. Me and lulwa went  inside the play room to play  and  then we went walking around the  living room  together. Suddenly her mom  wanted  her  to come up stairs to change her clothes and so I took her up stairs by myself. Next,  I knocked the door then we entered inside the room  I said hi to her mom. Then me and lulwa sat down on the couch and ate biscuits. Afterwards, her mom took her to change her clothes and  I  waited  for her in the living room. After awhile I asked lulwa if she wants to go down she said yes so I took her by the stairs and when I got down I saw my sisters outside in the garden  and I said hi to them and lulwa gave them hugs. Next I asked lulwa are you hungry? She said yes so I told lulwa’s dad and he said take her up to her mother then I asked my sister she said okay. So I took her up again and her mom was on her way  to come  down with her brother Salman  and her nanny. So I told her mother Lulwa is hungry she said okay I will bring her a plate of food. Then me and lulwa went in the elevator with her mom and baby brother Salman. So  I went down and it was time to have lunch  which was  a christmas  lunch  all together as a family  and lunch was turkey and many more things you will see in the pictures taken on  Dec 24,2011 . Thanks jacqui for the pics and being the best sister in the world!

Breakfast at MILK

Hi so DEC 22,2011 I went to milk to have breakfast  with my sisters @jacquies @danuoon @crazyyetwise and fufu.  While we  were on our way it was very crowded we couldn’t  find a parking spot and we were late so  @crazyyetwise  saved us a table inside milk .

We started to order our breakfast  fufu  ordered    Manchego Scrambled Egg   Jacqui ordered  Sunny Side up.  My dish was scrambled eggs with cheese  Danuoon ordered  Nutella Crepes  cause she is a Nutella  freak. The best part was that I tried their hot chocolate with milk and you dissolve  the spoon with the solid chocolate in to the hot milk  Jacqui had orange juice  Swera  Crazyyetwise  had The milk with saffron .

The  best part of my morning was  when a fan came up to my table and” said are you lujaintalks  I said yes  I am lujaintalks  and she said I am a huge fan of you ” . After wards  I left milk with danuoon and fufu to go to home and well  there was  a car accident and it took us about an hour and half to come back home . DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE OR DON’T CALL AND DRIVE .

Thanks @sherifalqassar






Lunch at Shake Shack

Hey I  had lunch  at shake shack 3 days ago .  I had  a hamburger plain nothing in it I added mayo . It was a nice place it didn’t  take  time they gave us a remote that bzzzz s when your order is  ready .

What restaurant  I   liked was elevation burger and  shake shack  both the same .  Also they spelled my name wrong  like eujene  that’s how they spelled it . I liked shake shacks fries  and drinks . But compare

ing both I like both of them the same like 80 80 .But  I liked shake shack didn’t take time at all it was fast  fresh .