I’m Back a Quick Little Update

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting that much this month and I hope to post more posts I am just planning out a couple posts to post later this month. Just to let you all know that very soon my blog is going to be getting a fresh makeover so I think it maybe down for a few days but it will work again and I will have a new theme. Since currently my blog is titled “The Middle School Years”, I have decided to go ahead and change it to “The High School Years” as I begin a new chapter in my life soon heading to high school. Also just a heads up that throughout the school year I won’t be posting a lot but don’t worry I will really try my best to keep on posting. As I begin a new chapter in my life I know that once I am posting I am going to talk more about my life in high school and how it’s like for me from going to Middle School to High School. Therefore, I could help a lot of you if you are starting High School soon and are worried. Thats about it for an update on my website and the new changes that are going to be occurring very soon.

So far my summer has been going really well and it’s a really fun and relaxing time, I have spent half of my time at home relaxing and sleeping because in this heat I don’t know what to do. I also have been hanging out and visiting my family, and I have been going out to malls and restaurants during the day and evening. Recently we had Eid Al Fitr last week and it was really fun to just come together as a family and hang out and have a nice and delicious meal at my grandmother’s house. Oh I also forgot to mention that this summer I have some assignments to complete (Now I know what you all are thinking what she has homework during the summer?) but I actually have to complete the assignments to be able to stay in an Honors English class. Which is a much more advanced course than regular english and can lead me to a further path of being able to take AP English. Any who my assignment requires me to read 3 novels and complete 3 separate assignments for each book so far I finished one assignment and book. Thats a little quick update on my blog and further changes and on how my summer has been going so far. Also Thank You to all of you who read my website you may not know that I know you guys are reading but I do and I really am grateful for you guys that keep on reading my posts it’s because of you that I keep on posting. Hope you all are having a wonderful and magical summer as I am enjoy it and have fun

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

My first trip to New York/U.S Part 1

It was the day of December 18, 2014 the day that I had been planning for 3 months since October, It was the day that I would travel to anywhere besides the Middle East for the first time.W hat better place to go than to visit my sister in New York. Three months ago when I first decided that I wanted to go somewhere for the winter break I asked my Oldest sister J if she would want to take me. Of course since J loves New York so much she said sure why not. I got so excited after a week later we booked our tickets, our hotel, our broadway shows ( which by the way I loved so much), and etc. I knew that this trip would be the trip of a life time and that I would never forget it.

Me the day after we landed

Me the day after we landed

After 3 months passed by it was December and the day before our flight on the 17th I got sick and caught a cold. So I know what you all must be thinking that oh no she can’t go on the trip well no. I actually got up went to the doctor got an injection, and medicine, headed back home and started packing my bags. Of course it was a terrible feeling having to be sick while packing my bag since I had an awful headache. But I managed to do so, with so much excitement in me I barely managed to sleep only got about 5 hours in but that was okay since I was planning on sleeping the entire plane ride.

Me in a taxi the night we landed

Me in a taxi the night we landed

The morning rolled around the corner and I actually woke up before my alarm in a couple minutes it was set for 5:15 am( I know so early right well i wake up like this for school anyways so it’s okay). Went and did the usual things I do to get ready before a flight you know shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, etc. Once all of that was out of the way I quickly put on the most comfiest clothes that I had and went to take my bags down. I got my bags down double checked them twice to make sure if I was missing anything and left in the kitchen so that my Dad and I could load the car up together. My sister was making her way down the stairs with her bag so I just went in to the kitchen to grab something to drink,  and then go downstairs to the living room and say goodbye to my Mother.

J and I both said our Goodbyes to Mom, and headed out to the car where I helped my Dad load our bags into the car. It was a very nice and joyful 30 minute car ride to the Airport with my Father. We discussed what we would do once we got to New York. Once we got in the airport and checked in our bags and received our tickets, we went down to Starbucks with my Dad and Sister. I had a hot chocolate and my sister had some water, while Dad had a cappuccino. Time passed by quickly so quick that it was 30 minutes before our flight so we had to leave to go to the gate. J and I said our goodbyes to Father and then left to go to the gate, we got to the gate and had to wake half an hour until they would board us on the plane. So what we did was just sat down in the area where our gate is and we just used our electronic devices.

It was time to board the plane we got on the flight and sat down in our seats, buckled out seat belts and just waited till it was time to take off. Once we took off I got out my iPad and started watching my tv shows, throughout the flight I probably only slept like 6 to 7 hours. The flight was about 14 hours ( it was really long) I got bored after I woke up and felt like I wanted to get off the plane of how tired and bored I was. Finally the time came and it was time to land into the city, man was it beautiful the sun was starting to set at the time and it was so gorgeous. I instantly fell in love with New York once we landed it was gorgeous, once we landed it was about 8 degrees celsius pretty cold( thank god I had thermals on).

New York City the day after we landed :)

New York City the day after we landed 🙂

In the airport we had a really easy time getting in and leaving it took us about 10 minutes to leave the airport. Once we hailed a taxi and got in I was super exhausted so I fell asleep and of course dizzy because the taxi just made me feel very sick. My sister J woke me up during the middle of the ride and was like look around you look at the city and I opened my eyes took one glance and then closed them and dozed back to sleep( funny right I know :p). We got to our hotel and checked in went to our room which was really pretty sure it had old furniture but who cares. I immediately went to take a shower because I just felt like I had to so my sister J ordered us pizza and my other sister who lives in the city was coming over to our hotel to visit so I was super excited. Sorry guys but I am going to end the post here since I think I have written to much and don’t worry I will post the rest soon I won’t leave you guys hanging :p.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Goodbye Middle School & Hello High School

On Wednesday May 25 my school decided to host a promotion ceremony which is a graduation that is for the end of middle school. Of course, everyone was excited to attend and be done with middle school. But Sadly after the ceremony we still have final exams to complete so we aren’t done with middle school just yet. Any who back to where we were so the day of the ceremony I decided to not go to school and go to the salon to get my hair and nails done. Now I know what you are all thinking Lujain why didn’t you go to school you should have went but I didn’t miss anything important so it was totally fine. The same morning of my ceremony I headed to Marshmallows Nail Spa (the best of all nail spas that I have been to) at around 11am. I had my nails and toe nails painted a lovely nude-ish color, for those of you wondering it was “Topless and Barefoot” by Essie ( only one of the best color’s it’s amazing how elegant and classy it looks). The hair style that I chose was nice lovely big waves that added a bit of volume to my hair. After spending about 3 hours at the salon ( I know it took that long but I mean the results were amazing those waves were my favorite) I headed back home and had some lunch and then started to get ready for the event. The ceremony didn’t start until 6:00pm but I had to be there by 5:30pm, so I started getting ready at 2:30pm. I took a nice 15 minute shower and got ready, by 3pm I had already had my dress on ( it was a beautiful long-sleeved pink and nude-ish laced color dress). Then I put on some makeup and headed out the door to go and pickup one of my friends so that we could go together.Image_2

My friend and I got to school at 5:30 and we met up with all the other students in the library. The ceremony started at 6pm it all started to feel real once we were walking through the door. I couldn’t believe that come this fall I will become a high schooler.  The ceremony was nice and enjoyable there were speeches given by some students and faculty. My family was there and were so proud that I graduated middle school and that I also had received a presidential silver award signed by Barack Obama himself. I couldn’t even believe it that I had gotten the award. Once the ceremony was over I went home with my family had some dinner then went to bed. Of course it didn’t help that it was a school night and I had to attend school the next day. Woke up the next morning feeling super exhausted and guess what about half the students did not attend school. I felt like an idiot being there but I got to do exam review with my teachers (yay) 🙁  Can’t believe that I am almost done middle school I finish on June 5 and just have the last day of finals and then its over. Summer here we come after that high school (oh what a joy that will be ). Till then enjoy your summer everyone I will be back soon with new posts during the summer. 🙂

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Back to Blogging

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? I  know that I am doing great and I know that its been a long time since I last posted so I would like to let you all know that I will start posting more regularly. So since the last time I posted here I was in sixth grade, well now I am in eight grade, and  I got to tell you all that out of all the Middle School years eight grade has been the easiest. I mean all of the school work has just been easy and maybe it’s because  I am understanding it more. I developed an interest in Writing once we started doing it in the beginning of the year it’s just been fun to put my creative thoughts down on a piece of paper and etc. Seventh grade was  also a fun year but I am liking eight grade way more because you have more freedom and I am liking the Electives and Classes  that I am taking. This post wasn’t that long but I will be posting another one tomorrow evening about my birthday and include some pictures. So basically this post was just to catch you guys up on what’s happened over the last year. Thank you all for reading my blog still even though I haven’t posted in a long time. 

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo


Book Review: Stick Dog by Tom Watson

The main idea of this book is about  when Stick Dog and his 4 friends Poo Poo, Karen, Stripes, and Mutt go out to try and find out how to steal hamburgers from the humans.

The author states in this book that teamwork is very important and to listen to one and another. For example, when Karen was lost stripes,mutt, and stick dog came up with a plan and thought of places where Karen would be. This means that even though that they wanted hamburgers they decided that Karen was more important than hamburgers so they headed out and started searching for her.

The author also states that it takes a lot of effort and teamwork to have a successful plan. Over all the importance of this book is about how teamwork and helping one and another leads to a successful plan.

P.S: This book is a must have for Diary of a Wimpy Kid lovers , and Big Nate, etc.

Happy New Year 2014

Dear Blog-airy,

Today is the day we have all been waiting for it is January the first, why have we been looking forward to this day well it is because it is the New Year.New Year is all about, new life, new friends, everything is basically new that is the best part of it, because if you made a lot of mistakes in 2013 then in 2014 you can reflect on them and fix some of your mistakes. My favorite part of  the New Year  is that My Birthday is coming soon yay February the fifth keep it marked on your calendars people  February 5 LujainTalks Birthday, Thank you all.

I hope you enjoy the New Year and all my wishes and hopes go out to you.Have an Amazing 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank You all for being with me in 2013 reading my posts , commenting , and making me feel awesome.

Bye Bye!!!