Book Review: Stick Dog by Tom Watson

The main idea of this book is about  when Stick Dog and his 4 friends Poo Poo, Karen, Stripes, and Mutt go out to try and find out how to steal hamburgers from the humans.

The author states in this book that teamwork is very important and to listen to one and another. For example, when Karen was lost stripes,mutt, and stick dog came up with a plan and thought of places where Karen would be. This means that even though that they wanted hamburgers they decided that Karen was more important than hamburgers so they headed out and started searching for her.

The author also states that it takes a lot of effort and teamwork to have a successful plan. Over all the importance of this book is about how teamwork and helping one and another leads to a successful plan.

P.S: This book is a must have for Diary of a Wimpy Kid lovers , and Big Nate, etc.

Book Review : ‘The Middle School Years’

Dear Blog – airy,

So Lately I have been reading a book called “The Middle School Years: Get Me Out of Here” by James Patterson.  In this book which I am currently reading there is this boy named Rafe, he is the  main character who is a 6th Grader. He just moved from a village where people loved him and he was so popular.  In the next minute Rafe was in the car driving to live in a new city with his Grandmother, Mother, and Sister. Rafe was later enrolled in a new school which he hated as soon as he entered because everyone was being mean to Rafe. They laughed, teased, and talked behind his back.

This reminds me of  last year when I was in Grade 5 how two girls used to bully me and tease me, laugh at me, and talk behind my back. Then my friends back stabbed me and joined the bullying. But in the end  my real friends and I back stabbed the bullies and they were feeling the pain of the mighty Lujain Talks and not to mess with her.

Three things I learned from my past are not to talk back to bullies,  be strong, and face the bullies.I enjoyed reading this book and will be continuing as I head to bed.Hope you Blog- airy have a nice holiday and a GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!!

xo xo,

Miss Talks (aka Lujain Talks)

TMSY: School Picture Week

Dear Blog-airy,

Today was the last day of the school picture week,I had so much fun that I wished that it would continue on forever.It all began last sunday morning as I picked out a colorful outfit which was not my navy school uniform.We took our individual photos that afternoon. As I was sitting quietly  waiting for my turn I saw my classmates getting ready by checking their reflection through the mirror. The girls were touching up the lip gloss and the boys were checking their hair. I thought to myself “does my hair look fine do I need to go up there and check on my self?” Right before it was my turn I had a chance to go up there and touch up my lip gloss and fix my hair.  In short , it was a fun day.

The next 3 days we had free dress day as well,  it felt so cool to be going to school in style .Of course that meant pairing a cool top to go with my favorite jeans as it was more comfortable to be in pants,and easier to carry my heavy bag.

The days flew by and Thursday was here, it was 6 grade class picture day . We were supposed to have our pictures taken at 7:15 am but for a misunderstanding an email was sent from the Principal saying that today was makeup individual picture day and my class did not show up for the class picture. We continued on with our day and as I walked into my Language Arts class we heard an announcement over the speakers telling us that a class picture re-take will be happening at 12 pm behind the nurse’s office . We immediately headed out to go take the class picture and once we got there everyone was assigned a place to stand ,I was told to stand on one of the benches in the back with a couple of friends.

Standing there on that bench was pure torture as benches aren’t sturdy enough to hold all our weights . I felt squished,wobbly,and terrified while i stood there with my friends.

Click !  Click ! ( The camera flashed )

“Turn to the right,” said the camera man,  “Turn to the left ” said the camera man .  Then a second later “1…2…3… Cheeeeeese” said everybody.

Click! Click! Click !

Pictures were taken and it was time to head back to class. The rest of the day was uneventful, except for the part where my shoe decided to break down on me.  I had to tape it and glue it back together which was annoying and walking around with tape on your shoe is quite weird and noisy.  A few hours later and the day was over. And that blog-dairy was my school picture week.  Have you ever seen something like this before?

Xo xo,

Miss Talks (aka Lujain Talks)

The Middle School Years: The Beginning

It all started one Monday morning, a sleepy Lujain woke up from a deep slumber, slowly with one eye open she headed towards the bathroom to wash up and prepare for the big day.  Today, September 2nd, is the day she starts Middle School.  As soon as she was finished getting dressed and getting her hair done, she headed downstairs to the kitchen to have the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

Her breakfast consisted of a yummy portion of Kellogg’s Frost’s Corn Flakes mixed with milk and a glass of water.  As she was eating, her father appeared in the doorway and signaled the time for her to finish up and prepare to leave for school.  She hurriedly ate the remaining bits of cereal and put on her schoolbag as fast as she could and hurried out of the house.  (Actually it wasn’t that fast, she was still half asleep and moving at a snail’s pace.)

Half an hour later, a traffic free drive later, Lujain and her father pull up to the High School and Middle School Gate, she got out of the car and walked up to the big gate, as she was crossing through Lujain thought to herself, “Wow, this is exciting, it feels as if I am no longer a kid, I’m almost a teenager, I can’t wait for the day to start.”  She hurried inside before the school bell rang, as she was walking past the cafeteria she saw a couple of her friends who mentioned to her that she should start heading towards the auditorium because they were having the first school assembly there, immediately she replied “Okay thanks girls,” and headed down there.  As she was walking towards the big building she saw a lot of her friends from last year, some of whom she hadn’t seen since the beginning of summer (3 months ago)  and she started saying hello to them and trying to catch up in that little time.

As soon as the assembly wrapped up, Lujain started heading off towards her first class and soon after she was drifting into one class and out the other.  As the day went on, lunchtime approached and Lujain headed over to the cafeteria, oh wait did she mention to you that the cafeteria now served food from Casper & Gambini’s, I guess not but she thought it was pretty cool of them to do so.  I know what you’re probably thinking, you’re thinking of how great it would be to go back to school just to experience some of that good food again, isn’t that right?

Once lunchtime was over, and Lujain had eaten her healthy food and socialized with her friends she started to head back towards her remaining three classes.  Time flew by quickly as Lujain got to meet with her new teachers, made some new friends, and found out what she would be studying for the remainder of the year, pretty soon it was 2:00 PM and the final bell was about to ring.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring!

Lujain ran out of the class and down the stairs, past the cafeteria and all the way to the High School gate, she then started to walk slowly towards her sister Jacqui’s car and said “Hello Sis!”.  After placing her schoolbag inside she got in the car and started to share the stories from her first day.

In short, Lujain enjoyed her first day of school a lot because she got to learn new things, met up with old friends and made new ones, and simply had a great time. Lujain is hoping that this new school year will be much better than last year’s with less drama and lots of good grades.