Planning Why is it so Important?

Sometimes I wonder why is planning so  important? Or why do I have to plan? Planning is Important because if you do not know how to plan then you are never going to be successful in life.  If u don’t plan you will be apart of someone else plan . I myself Plan only during the school year using the schools planner to write down homework, test dates, and etc.  But I have realized that the key to success is planning and if I want to do well in school I should plan out my day, write down important events, create a to do list if needed, and etc. Planning for success means Analyzing your goals, Setting Goals, Working out priorities, Planning your day, and etc.

Analyzing your Goals:

What does analyzing your goals mean? It means to separate your long term personal and professional goals from other goals that are not  necessary.

Setting Goals:

When setting all of your goals you have to divide them in to short and long term, personal and professional goals .Consider whether your goals are the ones that you will achieve through life. Set a Schedule or time table so that you decide when you want to achieve each of your goals throughout life.

Working Out Priorities: 

Once you have listed and organized all your goals into different categories then you need to arrange them in priority order. Each goal that you have arranged into priority order will involve the successful completion of a number of tasks.

Planning Your Day : 

Any busy day should include a mixture of tasks A,B, and C. Plan a selection of tasks that you can realistically achieve in one day. While making sure that the working day does not stretch to more than 20 hours.


These steps that I have mentioned lead you to planning for success and show you why planning is important.